Mother claims SPD test clears her of meth, crash killed daughter



Posted on January 17, 2014 at 7:17 PM

Updated Saturday, Jan 18 at 1:26 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--A mom and her two kids were hit by a car in North Spokane in the fall of 2013. One of the kids, 5-year-old Elayna Burrows Gust, was killed and her mother was accused of having meth in her system at the time of the crash. On Friday, the mother spoke exclusively to KREM 2 News after new test results state there was no meth in her system.

Sarah Roberts and her son were hospitalized but pulled through. Court documents released just after the crash showed a urine test given by hospital staff found meth in Roberts’ system.

Attorneys said a blood test done by police later proved that the test was a false-positive, meaning Roberts was clean.

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Roberts was so badly injured in the crash that she said she does not remember anything from that day. She said the most agonizing part is that she cannot recall the last words she spoke to her daughter Elayna.

“I sometimes regret that I'm the one who woke up and she didn't. Our injuries were the same but she was just so little,” said Roberts.

Roberts is making good progress when it comes to healing physically. She said she is drowning emotionally.

“I would give my last breath to have her back. I would rather be the one getting buried and have her continue kindergarten, and just touching people as much as she did,” said Roberts.

Roberts described her daughter as a little spitfire who had a sense of humor well beyond her years.

“Kept me busy that's for sure. Coloring on the walls, cutting her hair, cutting the dogs hair, my hair if I fell asleep on the couch,” said Roberts.

Months after the little girl was killed in the car versus pedestrian crash Roberts said she would give anything to deal with those things just one more time.

Roberts said she has not fully been able to grieve the loss of her daughter because she was so worried about going to jail.

Court documents released just after Roberts and her two kids were hit stated hospital staff found meth in her system.

Roberts’ attorney said a follow up blood test by Spokane police found she was clean. Roberts admitted she struggled with substance abuse in the past but had turned a new leaf prior to the crash.

“I kept telling them that I was clean, I know I was doing what I was supposed to do. That's just not me. I felt in my heart that it was wrong,” said Roberts.

Roberts said instead of holding onto negative feelings she is doing her best to find peace.

“I would never even put my children in harm’s way,” said Roberts.

Roberts said she wants to let the driver of the car who hit her and her children know that her thoughts and prayers are with her as well.

Roberts said her son who was also hit by the car said the reason they were in the road to begin with is because Elayna was chasing the family dog that got off the leash.