Majority of Spokane County rape suspects roam free



Posted on November 6, 2013 at 7:27 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 6 at 10:45 PM

SPOKANE COUNTY--Spokane County typically averages eight rapes every single month.

The majority of those rapists never see the inside of a jail cell.    

60 rape cases have been assigned to Spokane County’s sex crimes detectives in 2013.

A little more than 10% of those have resulted in charges being forwarded to prosecutors. Investigators said it is not a lack of trying on their part.

“Sex offenders used force to commit whatever their offense was, whether it was rape or unlawful restraint of a minor,” said Deputy Craig Chamberlin with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives said the victim was familiar with their attacker in an overwhelming number of cases.

“It's very uncommon that it is a stranger with our rape investigations,” said Chamberlin.

Investigators said knowing the rapist often works against them.

Sex crimes were assigned 85 rape cases in 2012. Only about 17% of those resulted in a charge.

“It's actually about normal. These are usually family members of suspects, relatives, or close friends, more times that not, the family decides not to victimize the victim any further,” said Chamberlin.

That puts dozens and dozens of hours the dedicated sex crime detectives put into every case down the drain.

There are 13 rape cases pending right now from 2013 that could still result in a charge.