Operations plan found in murder suspect's SUV




Posted on January 14, 2014 at 6:10 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 25 at 4:43 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--Police arrested a suspect in connection with the December 2013 high-profile South Hill murder.

Doug Carlile was gunned down in the kitchen in his own South Hill home in December. Timothy Suckow, 50, was arrested for murder Monday night.

Court documents showed the case may go way beyond his involvement.

Detectives described the murder as execution style. They said it could potentially be related to some bad business dealings.

Carlile was killed in his kitchen just minutes after he and his wife came home from church.

The man police said is responsible for the vicious crime was locked up Tuesday night.

Spokane Police Department Major Crimes detectives have been relentless in their investigation of the shooting.
Detectives recovered a leather glove on a gate in the Carlile’s yard. The Washington State Patrol crime lab found Suckow’s DNA inside.

Detectives struck gold when they searched Suckow’s Tahoe. Court documents show they found a list, which can be described as an operations plan for the crime inside of the car.

The list included a glove with a question mark next to it, a trench coat, two books, a reminder to wipe tools down and to practice with a pistol.

A mask was also inside the Tahoe. It matched the description of the one Carlile’s wife Elberta said the killer wore the night of the murder.

Elberta Carlile spoke out on Tuesday about the murder for the first time. She came face to face with her killer and said she knows her husband died doing everything he could to protect her.

“He saved me by attacking that man. I know that's what happened. So he's a hero. He's a hero,” said Elberta Carlile.

Detectives said they found the phone number of a man named James Henrikson is Suckow’s phone. Henrikson is a business associate of Carlile’s who claims Carlile owed him $1.88 million.