Kitten tossed from Spokane Valley car starts to recover



Posted on August 19, 2014 at 7:14 PM

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash.— The kitten tossed from a car window along Trent made a miraculous comeback according to a veterinarian at PetSavers.

KREM 2 News introduced you to the kitten, Leo, on Friday. On Monday, Dr. Tami Boettcher said she was “amazed” at how the five-week old kitten was bouncing back.

“He was still in shock a little bit,” admitted Boettcher. “But now, he's doing marvelous. He eats really well. He's purring.”

Witnesses saw someone toss Leo from a speeding car on Thursday. Then a good Samaritan brought the cat to Dr. Tami Boettcher at Pet Savers.

WATCH: Driver tosses kitten from car window on Trent

PHOTOS: Leo after his rescue

The kitten weighed just over one pound and was battling some serious wounds. He has severe eye trauma and a broken leg. Boettcher put a splint on his leg.

By Monday, the Leo’s eye was healing. However there is a change the kittens leg might need to be amputated. 

“We're not for sure yet that we're going to be able to save the limb,” added Boecttcher, “but we're giving him a good shot.”

Boettcher said the kitten now just needs time.

Dozens of KREM 2 News viewers reached out offering to give Leo a home, but he has already been claimed. The woman who rescued Leo has offered to take him once he has recovered.