Jury seated for Daniel Arteaga murder trial




Posted on April 15, 2014 at 6:04 PM

Updated Tuesday, Apr 15 at 10:07 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- A jury has been seated for the trial of a man accused of killing his mistress on New Year’s of 2012. Detectives said Daniel Arteaga shot Kimberly Schmidt with her own gun inside her home.

During testimony Tuesday, friends of Schmidt said they did not like Arteaga. They said he was bizarre, controlling and violent.

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The prosecution and the defense debated about what would be admitted into evidence Tuesday. The defense wanted a few fights between the couple to be thrown out.

Friends of Schmidt testified to two separate fights. The first friend recalled a time when Arteaga assaulted Schmidt with ketchup.

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“During the meal, he took the squirt bottle and literally poured it all over her hair. We could hear Kim scream, ‘Stop, Dan, stop,” said the witness.

The ketchup incident was ruled admissible.

The second friend testified to another fight she witnessed during a trip to Fiji.

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According to court documents, the second witness testifying about the Fiji screaming originally said Schmidt had been strangled.

She said she saw red marks on her friend’s neck. She did not testify to that Tuesday and the alleged strangling assault will not be admitted.

The judge has allowed statements Arteaga made to detectives.

Opening arguments for the trial are set for Wednesday.