Judge gives decade prison sentence for fatal Spokane house party




Posted on August 21, 2014 at 1:54 PM

Updated Friday, Aug 22 at 3:13 AM

SPOKANE, Wash.— A deadly house party earned a Spokane man a ten year prison sentence on Thursday. A judge sentenced Trevin Lewis in a Spokane County courtroom for the 2012 death of Frank Motta.  Lewis will receive some credit for time served.

The sentence was part of a plea deal. In July, Lewis pleaded guilty to 1st Degree Manslaughter for the beating death Frank Motta, 65.

Motta’s family members called into court to make their statements.

"You don't have to be your circumstances, you can rise above," was the family’s message to Lewis.

Motta died in March 2012 after suffering a critical head injury while trying to break up an underage drinking party happening next door. The party was hosted by a teen whose parents were out of town. The parents had asked Motta to keep an eye on the home.

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Witness at the party said Motta was nudging people, telling them to leave including Lewis' pregnant girlfriend. The court papers go on to say that Lewis, 18, yelled “get away from my girl,” pushed Motta to the ground, and when he got up from the floor punched him in the head.

Deputies found Motta lying on his back, stiff and bleeding from his head and right ear.

Investigators say Lewis’ punch led to a skull fracture to Motta’s frontal lobe and a fracture on the right temporal side of his skull that caused bleeding and bruising of his brain.

"My father was a great man who contributed in many positive ways to society, the only thing Mr. Lewis has contributed is pain and misery," said the victim’s daughter during Lewis’ sentence hearing.

Frank Motta and his family

During a July court hearing, Lewis just told the judge he was working on a GED in jail.