Homicide suspect’s father describes son's last moments


by Othello Richards & KREM.com


Posted on February 13, 2012 at 6:23 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 14 at 9:09 AM

SPOKANE-- The father of Dustin Gilman may have been the last person to hear Dustin’s voice before he died.

KREM 2's Othello Richards sat down with him.

Larry said “It tears me up deeply. I have no idea why my son would have done something like this.”

Gilman tells us his son Dustin lived with the Ader family the past 4 months. Dustin spent Christmas, Thanksgiving and his 22nd birthday with them. “He loved those boys, he loved that family.”

Friday night Larry says Dustin called him.  He said his son sounded intoxicated.

“All he knows is he had done wrong. He had killed somebody.” Gilman says he pleaded with his son to call 911.

Then the words a father hoped he'd never hear. “He said ‘Goodbye Daddy’. Then I heard two shots go off into the air then one I believe was a fatal shot to my son.”

On Monday Larry waited for confirmation after police located a body. Larry said, “I hope it is my son just to give the community some finality to all of this.  This nightmare.”

Larry Gilman expressed deep sorry for the Ader family.

Dustin’s criminal past included burglaries, trafficking stolen property and misdemeanor assault.

Larry said as early as age 10, he sent Dustin away for counseling and treatment. He says the state helped for few years, and then cut him off. Larry says more recently, Dustin started drinking.
Gilman says he, like many others, can now only wonder why this all happened.