Greenacres homeowners dealing with repeated flooding problems


by & Shawn Chitnis

Posted on July 15, 2012 at 5:56 PM

SPOKANE -- Homeowners in Greenacres woke up to a soggy mess Sunday.

Storms caused several homes to flood.

Just after 7:00 a.m., Tammy Hogsed went to check out what was happening in her backyard after neighbors told her they saw water coming down the hill.

The water broke a glass window and filled her basement with water.

Hogsed estimates water damage in the thousands of dollars. She says the water destroyed many family treasures.

"There's no price on wedding pictures and baby pictures. That is what I'm struggling with," Hogsed said.

Several other neighbors are also dealing with flooding problems.  Next door, Kevin Hintz discovered a similar problem.

“As I looked out the window, it was as if the Louisiana levy let loose, and out comes this big burst of water behind my fence,” Hintz said.

Neighbors said they have dealt with this problem before, and they were not happy to see it back at their doors.

Hogsed and Hintz said Spokane County and a private developer disagree on who owns the land where the problem started.  They believe a backed-up culvert is to blame, but say no one is taking ownership of it.

The Spokane County engineering office was closed Sunday. A county spokesperson said she did not have a comment Sunday on the flooding. KREM 2 News was unable to get in contact with the developer in question.