Friends of man who lost his hand in explosion: He doesn't remember it



Posted on January 26, 2014 at 7:56 PM

Updated Sunday, Jan 26 at 8:40 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.—Friends of 45-year-old Darin Bushy said he was driving home when he lost his hand in a North Spokane explosion on Saturday.

Bushy’s friends said he was still recovering in the hospital on Sunday. They said Bushy does not remember the incident.

Amanda Gockley heard a loud explosion near her home at Rich and Morton on Saturday.

“The cop shined the light on him and that's when I noticed his arm from here down was gone. And it was hanging like spaghetti noodles,” said Gockley.

Friends said Bushy was rushed to the hospital. It was still unclear what happened in the moments before the blast.

Spokane police said the explosion was caused by an M-1000, a powerful explosive similar to a firework.

"It was mortifying. It's something you see on T.V. It stays with you for awhile,” said Gockley.

Gockley said she also saw something out of the ordinary when she came running out of her house.

"I saw three or four slender younger kids and they're laughing and giggling. Next thing I know they took off and a whole bunch of people flocked from the neighborhood,” said Gockley.

Friends believe Bushy was a victim.

One person said Bushy was on his way his way home when someone stopped and asked him for a lighter.

Friends said Bushy would never purposefully hurt anyone. They said he is a family man with two children.

Gockley said she is not sure if what she saw had anything to do with the explosion. She said she hopes Bushy’s family gets answers.

"How could you sit there and laugh and giggle when someone has been so hurt. You have to be pretty morbid to do that,” said Gockley.

Spokane police said there are no suspects and they have not heard any reports of people running from the scene. They said they do consider Bushy a victim.

The ATF is the lead agency in the investigation. No charges were filed as of Sunday.