Oakesdale raid uncovers guns and drugs, suspects face judge




Posted on January 22, 2014 at 7:08 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jan 22 at 9:00 PM

OAKESDALE, Wash.-- Three of the four suspects rounded up during a drug ring bust in Oakesdale appeared Wednesday in a Whitman County courtroom.

Four people were arrested Tuesday night for a possible drug ring. Law enforcement from five departments and SWAT team members raided a home and arrested the suspects.

The Joint Task Force found stolen guns, marijuana and meth according to court documents. Three of the suspects appeared in Whitman County court on Wednesday. News of what authorities said they found in the Oakesdale home left neighbors concerned.

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“Notice a lot of traffic kind of happening on the street and all of a sudden there was just a big bright light and a flash and we kind of grabbed the baby and ran for the kitchen,” said neighbor Shanna Jackman.

Jackman lives next to the home that was raided.
“We thought a bomb had gone off or someone was shooting. We weren't really sure. We were kind of duck and cover,” said Jackman.

The Quad Cities Drug Task Force received a warrant stemming from a narcotics investigation it had conducted. Court papers said the take force successfully sent someone in undercover to buy meth during the investigation.

Three of the suspects appeared court Wednesday afternoon. Those people were Brett Hanks, Rebecca Rowher and Anthony Hopkins.

Court papers said when the authorities entered Hanks’ home they saw Hopkins attempt to get a plastic bag containing a large piece of meth out of his possession.

Documents said Hopkins denied trying to sell meth and said he was not a dealer. He said he shares meth with his friends. Charging documents said he admitted giving meth to Rowher.

Investigators said this was the fourth time in four years that police had been to that particular house.

“We kind of moved out here to get away from things like that and raise our family in a quiet place and so it's really sad to hear there is that kind of thing going on,” said Jackman.

Investigators said the suspects may be tied to other drug rings in the region.