Man tased near Oz Fitness dies, autopsy results pending



Posted on June 10, 2013 at 5:04 PM

Updated Monday, Jun 10 at 5:52 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--The Spokane County Medical Examiner completed an autopsy Monday on the man tased outside of Oz Fitness. William Berger, 34, was removed from life support over the weekend according to his family’s attorney.
The Medical Examiner listed Berger’s cause of death as “pending further studies” on the autopsy report. The report was released Monday afternoon.

The attorney for Berger’s family said he was kept alive until his organs could be harvested by doctors. Berger was declared brain dead by doctors on Friday.

Witnesses said a Spokane County Sheriff’s Office deputy tased the man on Thursday night outside of Oz Fitness in South Spokane. Investigators said the man became unresponsive as deputies struggled to arrest him.  Deputies and EMS tried providing life saving measures according to deputies at the scene.

A family friend said Berger’s father watched his son get tased by authorities.

Family friend and attorney, Karen Unger, said William Berger had just closed on a house in the area. Berger’s father was in town to help according to Unger. Berger's father had dropped him off at Oz Fitness and when he returned to pick him up he witnessed his son being tased.

“He was unarmed,” said Unger. “He didn't have any kind of weapon on him and yet somehow, the police have to subdue him to the point where he is dead?”

Authorities on the scene also received medical treatment.

Witnesses said the man who was tased became belligerent inside of the gym. He was allegedly lifting weights when he dropped one.  He yelled at the weight, started punching equipment, and punched a hole in the wall according to Oz Fitness members. They said the man even threw a towel dispenser and cursed at other customers.

Authorities were called and eventually tased Berger outside of the gym.

“I can’t imagine how professionals can be that intimidated by somebody in an open field, no hostage, no one threatened, and he ends up dead,” said Unger.

Witnesses told KREM 2 News that Berger was acting completely erratic and aggressive before he was tased. They watch as Berger even pulled the taser prongs out of his chest and then ran from the deputy.

Berger had a similar outburst at ji jitsu business three days before he died.