Numerous threats could expand Boundary County school year



Posted on March 19, 2013 at 7:32 PM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 20 at 10:02 AM

BONNERS FERRY, Idaho-- A North Idaho school district may be forced to extend the school year because of several fake bomb threats.

Schools in Bonners Ferry have received almost one dozen threats this year forcing administrators to cancel classes. The threats have been targeting the middle school and high school.

Leaders within the Boundary County School District say they take every threat seriously. However, one family with kids in the district does not agree.

“My kids are not in school today because two of them are terrified to go back to school and as a parent, I'm terrified to send them,” said Brenda Brooks.

The mother of six has children at all three schools in Bonners Ferry.

The most recent threat to impact her children happened on Monday. District leaders say they received their ninth threat this year when someone called 911. The previous threats were written on bathroom walls according to the Boundary County Superintendant.

“When it comes to safety and the children,” said Superintendent Dick Conley, “we are not going to take a chance.”

Each threat forced school leaders to evacuate children, call police and search the entire school.

Brooks says the response has not been enough. Her son told her that sometimes the response it too slow.

“Everybody thinks because there are so many, they are a hoax.  Well what if the next one's true,” said student Aaron Dunham.

Conley told KREM 2 News that administrators have suspended middle and a high school student. District leaders believe those students each made at least one fake bomb threat.