Eviction notice placed on door of Daiquiri Factory




Posted on June 23, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Updated Monday, Jun 23 at 7:50 PM

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash.--The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office placed an eviction notice on the door of the Daiquiri Factory in Downtown Spokane on Monday.

The owner of the Daiquiri Factory, Jamie Pendleton, was standing by his business and said he did not believe he did anything wrong. Pendleton said that his business did everything it could to pay its lease.

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The bar quickly gained national attention in 2014 for a controversial drink on its menu called Date Grape Koolaid. Protests outside of the bar eventually went away and the name of the drink was changed.

In June, a lawsuit filed in court tried to close the bar. A judge approved the request to evict the business for failure to pay rent. The notice of eviction went up on the door on Monday.

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Pendleton said he thought the eviction was just part of the process he had to go through in order to clear the business’ name.

KREM 2 News could not reach the owner of the building that the Daiquiri Factory was in on Monday. In court documents, the owner of the building said it never received $2,000 in rent payments. 

Pendleton and his attorney had a motion to try to dismiss the lawsuit set for July 3, 2014. Pendleton hoped to reopen the bar for the Fourth of July weekend.