Edwall businesses clean up mucky mess left by flood




Posted on February 18, 2014 at 9:40 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 18 at 9:41 PM

EDWALL, Wash.--Some businesses in the Lincoln County town of Edwall were cleaning up Tuesday after one of the worst floods in recent years.
The water that flooded parts of Edwall did not stick around for long but it left a mucky mess for businesses to clean up.

“The plan right now is to squeegee all of the  muck out of everywhere and move the equipment across and hand clean it, get it operational again,” said Kevin Helbley with IntelliPaper.

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The tech company Helbley works at transforms paper products like business cards into computer readable USB’s.

The company‘s daily operations were on hold on Tuesday as the business cleaned up from a flood.

“Within an hour, an hour and a half, we went from no water to over a foot, and it topped out at about 28 inches, so thankfully we had lifted all of the machines that were of any value to us up above that threshold, and we didn't lose any of our machines,” said Helbley.

Helbley said the flood waters fully receded by Friday but then it rained, adding two inches of standing water.

“It's just silt. It flows everywhere, every little nook and cranny.  You just hope your stuff isn't in it,” said Helbley.

Flood waters also affected the post office in Edwall. The post office was also closed Tuesday. People in town had to travel 15 miles to Reardan for postal service.

“It's just filth and grime, anyone that's been through a flood know what that's like,” said Helbley.

Helbley said IntelliPaper hoped to be up and running again by February 27.
“This building is just kind of an overflow area.  We weren't really using it. So it's just space that's available so we are moving our equipment into this building since it's easier to clean than the other building,” said Helbley.