Dropbox app helps Spokane victim identify tablet thief




Posted on June 30, 2014 at 4:41 PM

Updated Monday, Jun 30 at 5:29 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.—A Spokane theft victim was beside himself after somebody stole his suitcase filled with his clothing, cash and a tablet.

He thought it was a lost cause until the picture back-up app for his tablet revealed that the thief was using it to take pictures.

The victim posted the selfies the suspects were taking with his tablet. Facebook helped KREM 2 News track down the man in those pictures. The man initially agreed to meet with a KREM 2 News reporter to give back the victim’s items, but then began ignoring her calls.

Jeremy Yeado said he had only turned his back to his items outside of his North Spokane home for a second.

“I got home from Seattle, I was unloading my car, and I made one load in,” said Yeado.

When Yeado came out for his second load, there was nothing there.

“My suitcase disappeared,” said Yeado.  “I had cash, my wardrobe and my tablet.”

Yeado said he called Crime Check but then went a week with no leads. One day, his hope was restored.

“I was putting stuff on E-bay to sell and when I was uploading pictures, some of the pictures offered I didn't recognize,” said Yeado.

Yeado had forgotten about his Dropbox. It is a program that backs up all pictures he takes on any device associated with his email account.

“I never thought, ‘oh maybe they'll take pictures,’” said Yeado.

Yeado posted some of the pictures on his Facebook page. Within a half hour, he was given a name. Yeado gave that name to KREM 2 News. A reporter connected with the suspect on the phone after hours of digging. The suspect admitted to KREM 2 News that he had the tablet but he also added a variety of excuses.

The suspect told KREM 2 News that he found it in the middle of the road. He then claimed he bought it for $200. He initially agreed to meet up with KREM 2 News to give it back but never showed up.

The Spokane Police Department was investigating the case on Monday.