Detectives testify in the Charles Capone Trial



Posted on September 4, 2014 at 8:07 PM

Updated Friday, Sep 5 at 10:31 AM

DAY 3: 

MOSCOW, Idaho  --  Detectives from several different agencies took the stand in the trial of Charles Capone Thursday, where they revealed troubling statements Capone made shortly after Rachel Anderson disappeared.

According to a detective from Asotin County, Capone said he poured grease over Anderson's head the last time he saw her.  Capone told the detective it was practical joke.

Jurors also looked at pictures of the car Anderson drove the day she disappeared.  Testimony from an investigator revealed authorities found Anderson's blood in the car.

According to detectives, the SUV belonged to a couple Capone was staying with while he was going through a divorce with Anderson.

Detectives testified the vehicle's seat was pushed all the way back when they recovered the car abandoned in Lewiston.

"A woman of her stature wouldn't have been comfortably able to drive it in the position it was in," one detective testified, referring to the fact that Anderson was 5'4 tall and weighed 120 pounds.

To prove their point, prosecutors brought in a woman similar to Anderson's size to demonstrate how much Anderson would have had to stretch in the vehicle.
"It was a much better fit for someone his size," testified a detective.

Detectives also testified the vehicle's seatbelt was adjusted to Capone's height.
The defense argued that many people have height similar to Capone's.
More detectives are set to testify Friday.