Informant: James Henrikson allegedly tried to orchestrate a third hit



Posted on January 22, 2014 at 6:21 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 25 at 4:43 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.—The former business partner of a Spokane murder victim is now being accused of trying to orchestrate a third hit.

James Henrikson was Douglas Carlile’s business partner. Carlile, 63, was shot and killed in his home December 15. Authorities arrested one man, but detailed in court documents that James Henrikson may be linked to the murder. Detectives are investigating the case as a murder-for-hire.

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Court documents stated that Carlile warned his family about Henrikson. He told his family to investigate his business partner if he died according to court records.

However, according to an informant, Henrikson allegedly also wanted someone else dead. An informant told detectives that Henrikson tried to contract the murder of Tex Hall in North Dakota. Hall is the third hit Henrikson allegedly tried to orchestrate according to information received by authorities.

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Court documents boiled the Spokane murder case of Carlile down to one line.

“Detectives believe it was a murder for hire at the direction of James Henrikson,” court documents read.

Those same documents showed Henrikson is also a suspect in the disappearance of another business associate, KC Clark. He worked for Henrikson in 2012. He vanished and his loved ones believe he was murdered.

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Court documents also showed that a confidential informant told Spokane detectives that an employee of Henrikson’s claimed the North Dakota business man asked if he knew someone who would kill Tex Hall.

Hall is Chairman of the Three Affiliated Tribes. Court records detailed that Hall owns a company Henrikson may have been defrauding in North Dakota. The tribe’s business council said they have had no direct dealings with Henrikson.

Court documents said that the employee of Henrikson’s that spoke to the informant is known to brag about his jail time for an unrelated murder.

Detectives have several cell phones associated with Henrikson and continue to pour over records and tower locations from the night Carlile was murdered.

Authorities arrested Henrikson on federal firearms charges. He is not charged with any murders.