Customers remain loyal at URM stores despite card hacking



Posted on November 27, 2013 at 6:37 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 27 at 7:40 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--Leaders at URM stores still can not say when the threat to customers who used credit and debit cards will be over after hacked compromised their system.   

Customers of Rosauers, Super One, Yokes and others have been told to pay in cash or check. Some customers can safely use a debit or credit card but they have to wait a little longer.

URM leaders can not say how far back customers need to check for possible fraud charges.

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Rosauers customers said they like the store too much to go anywhere else and they are not worried about using a credit or debit card.

The day before Thanksgiving is always a busy time for grocery stores and many people were at Rosauers on Spokane’s South Hill.

Customers are aware of fraudulent charges showing up on card statements.

"It makes me a little nervous cause I use my debit card a lot so when I see that happen I'm checking my bank account a lot,” said Julie Gardner.

Most customers told KREM 2 News they are not worried about someone else using their accounts and they did not mind waiting in line to get their groceries charged on a card.

"Not really I mean it just took a little bit longer but besides that no issues,” said Martin Dean.

Customers said they appreciated staff greeting them and talking to them about the ongoing challenge at the stores.
"They meet you at the door, they tell you what's going on, they explain it, and then they tell you 10 percent off,” said Judy Campbell.

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Everyone KREM 2 News talked to on Wednesday about the story said they are watching their statements anyway, even if they did not know there were fraud charges showing up.

"I keep a pretty close eye on my bank account so if something happens I know right away,” said Dean.

Customers said they wanted to stick with the places they like to shop even if it was a little more work than usual.

"This is a fantastic store, they've always treated me really well,” said Gardner.

URM leaders said customers should be looking at statements regularly for anything that looks unusual. They said contact your bank if you have any concerns.