Caught inside of a Haboob, family describes terrifying storm



Posted on August 13, 2014 at 5:28 PM

Updated Wednesday, Aug 13 at 6:08 PM

LINCOLN COUNTY, Wash.— A massive dust storm left people stunned Tuesday night across Eastern Washington. A wall of dust, Haboob, moved slowly throughout the region darkening the sky and Kellie Luiten managed to catch it all on camera.

Luiten said the storm turned day into night in just minutes near Harrington along Highway 28 on Tuesday. She said the Haboob was moving straight toward her and her daughter as they drove Highway 28.

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“We pulled off the road as far as we could, and just stopped the car,” said Luiten, within seconds, we saw lightning flash, and it was total darkness.”

Luiten tried calling her husband, but could not get through. She texted video of the Haboob to her husband so he knew what was going on and where to find them.

“I told them to get off the road, stay put,” said Greg Luiten. “And Kellie was kind of crazy, so I started heading that way, and I ran right into it.”

Greg Luiten described what he saw next as a “rolling wall of dust.” He said out of nowhere came 60 mile-per-hour winds that were pushing his pick-up all over the road.

“I could feel the car moving, and hear things just hitting the car,” added Kellie Lueiten.

She estimated the storm parked over them for about 30 minutes. She described the Haboob as one of the scariest experiences she has ever had.