Big bums, big business: Texas women pumping up their rear assets


by Deborah Knapp / KENS 5

Posted on May 6, 2013 at 10:36 AM

Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Sophia Vergara are celebrities famous for their bountiful booties.

Bootylicious songs and celebrities posing, showing off their rear assets have more people checking out their rear view. 

They've sparked an increase in cosmetic surgery for those not born with the look and South Texas women are shelling out big bucks to get big bottoms.

"Most women want to rule the room with their butt.  That's what I've been seeing in the past year," said Plastic Surgeon Thomas Jeneby.

Big bums mean big business.

In the past two years, Dr. Jeneby's butt augmentation business has quadrupled.
"I went from doing one to two a month to six to eight a month. So we're getting close to 100 a year," said Jeneby.

One way to get a booty bump is with implants.

"They come in medium, large and believe it or not the new one is extra large with extra projection. I believe this is a response to media popularity to having an enhanced buttocks form," said Jeneby.

Sydney is one of those people who chose an implant.  She doesn't want to be identified but gladly showed off her new, fuller behind.

"Mini-skirts and running shorts to me were a nightmare. My rear end was so flat looking," said Sydney.

Six weeks ago Sydney got the large implants which put a curve in her jeans and a bounce in her bikini.

The side effects are similar to breast implants with a risk of infection. But unlike breast implants, butt implants won't leak.

"I can cut this butt implant in half and nothing leaks because its semi-solid. The new implants they've made them a lot more pliable.  Now I hate to use the word squishy,  but these implants do feel a lot more natural. The old ones were hard like a racquetball," said Jeneby.

When asked how they felt to her Sydney said, "The first time felt like I was sitting on balls but I'm getting used to it."

The other way to pump up the posterior is with fat grafting, also called the Brazilian Butt Lift.  Surgeons take fat from the body through liposuction, strain and rinse it, then inject back into the backside.

KENS 5 spoke with this patient before she went under.

"I'm getting married and my fiancé is a butt guy. Instead of spending a lot of money on a dress I thought this was better," said Veronica.

She showed us her "before look" of a flat bottom and what she was hoping to achieve.
"I'm hoping I'll look like Kim Kardashian," said Veronica.

Fat grafting may be the most popular procedure in the U.S, but not in San Antonio.

"I tell someone with fat grafting you are not going to get results like this. I put in more implants than fat grafting because they're permanent and they don't go away," said Jeneby.

What's the most popular size?

"This really weird, but extra large. I sell more of these than anyone in Texas," said Jeneby.
If you want this enhanced rear view, it'll will cost you between 5000- 7000 dollars for either procedure.  Money an increasing number of women are will to spend to get those lovely lady humps.