Construction to help prevent crashes at deadly 195 intersection



Posted on May 1, 2014 at 12:42 PM

Updated Friday, May 2 at 12:52 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Six people were killed Thursday in four crashes in Eastern Washington. One occurred along US 195 at Cheney-Spokane Road and killed one driver.

Authorities said Renard Faraca, 96, was stopped eastbound on Cheney-Spokane at US 195. Troopers said when Faraca turned left onto northbound US 195 another car hit the driver’s side of Faraca’s vehicle.

One man saw the crash happen right in front of him.

“Just pulled out in front of him. He didn’t have any time. I saw him hit his brakes but he couldn’t avoid it,” said Bruce Heiner.

Faraca died at the scene of the crash. Officials said the cause of the crash was failure to yield. Authorities said no charges would be filed.

This intersection has had a notorious past.

Two on Your Side wanted to know when the construction project to help alleviate the problem would be complete.

Contractors for the Department of Transportation are close to completing the interchange at the intersection in an effort to prevent another deadly crash.

Faraca’s car came to a rest close to where a Cheney High School student’s car did five years ago. Lorissa Greed, 16, was killed in a similar manner when she pulled out to early into on-coming traffic.

Officials said emergency crews responded to at least 28 crashes in the past five years at the intersection.

Last year, the broke ground to build an interchange that will eliminate left turns and crossing traffic on the highway.

Crews hoped to have work completed by late fall of 2013 but weather delayed progress. 

Contractors suspended the project for the winter and resumed in late April.

The DOT expects drivers to be able to use the new interchange by the end of May.