Assistant U.S. Attorney calls Verner’s Zehm FAQ sheet “patently false”


by & Othello Richards

Posted on September 29, 2011 at 4:25 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 29 at 6:19 PM

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SPOKANE-- Earlier this month The Mayor of Spokane called a news conference about her plan to review the 2006 beating death of Otto Zehm but, the mayor refused to answer any questions about it. Instead city officials handed out a document with frequently asked questions.

An Assistant U.S. Attorney is calling several of the answers provided on that document "patently false."
Assistant U.S. Attorney disputes information the city provided to the media about their dealings in Zehm case.

During a September 9th news conference Spokane Mayor Mary Verner presented an outline of two reviews she says the city intends to conduct following the criminal trial of Officer Karl Thompson.
The news media received this FAQ with 10 questions surrounding the Thompson's criminal and civil cases.

Recently filed court documents by Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy Durkin, disputes several statements calling them “patently false” and “inaccurate”.
They are in regard to a question asking why city officials didn’t meet with the U.S. Attorney in 2009 to discuss potential conflict of interest questions after the department of justice made the request.
In the FAQ handout the city says two of its attorneys did meet with the U.S. Attorney for Eastern Washington including Tim Durkin.
In court documents Durkin says the meeting never happened to discuss concerns.
In the FAQ handout the city says "the court found no issues of conflict or impropriety on the part of the city."
The Assistant U.S. Attorney's Court filing disputes that stating, "no court has yet considered, reviewed, and, or addressed any city attorney's actions, conduct in this matter."