82-year-old man holds would-be burglar at gunpoint


by KGW Staff


Posted on March 28, 2013 at 7:48 AM

ALBANY, Ore. -- Weeks after a burglar made off with hundreds of dollars in tools and equipment, an 82-year-old Albany-area homeowner held another would-be burglar at gunpoint until police arrived.

The suspect, 36-year-old Justin Russell of Albany, was accused of entering and attempting to burglarize Jim Brazel’s shop in Lacomb early Friday morning. Brazel said noises from inside the shop woke him and his wife, so they both grabbed their robes and went to check it out.

Brazel also grabbed his shotgun. He said when he got to the shop he saw a man hiding behind his tractor, so he prepared to shoot.

“I didn’t’ know if he had a gun or not,” Brazel said. “I took it off of safety and was aiming at him and pulling the trigger.”

He said the trigger was about half-way down when the suspect stood up. Brazel said he decided not to shoot. But he wasn’t about to let the burglar get away either.

“I said, ‘You take one more step and this gun goes off in the middle of your chest. Do what you want,’” Brazel explained.

For about 20 minutes, Brazel kept his gun trained on the suspect while his wife was positioned nearby. She had grabbed a pick axe.

Linn County deputies arrived and arrested Russell.

Brazel said he believes there were other people with Russell Friday morning, but they ran off before he got outside. Anyone with information on the attempted burglary was asked to call the Linn County Sheriff’s Office.


KGW Reporter Mark Hanrahan contributed to this report.