4 things to know Wednesday's stormy weather




Posted on August 13, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Updated Thursday, Aug 14 at 3:12 AM

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash—The first round of initial storms may not quite make it up to Spokane as models indicate they have started to dissipate. KREM 2’s Katie Boer said this is part of our "weak" impulse which arrives before the main storms. The main storms are expected Wednesday evening and overnight. She added that we will be just subject to "hit and miss" storms, possibly a few stronger, before the main event arrives after 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

4 things to know Wednesday according to Katie:

1. We had numerous thunderstorms Tuesday, could we see a repeat today?

Absolutely. Although I'm not expecting storms to be quite as strong as they were yesterday. Today most spots in the INW still have a chance but the best threat of storms is going to be towards SE WA, including the Palouse, Pullman, Lewiston area.


2. Briana was breaking into programming talking about numerous "severe" storms? Could today's storms be just as big? Should I cancel outdoor plans?

Yes and no. I say no because most of our day should be pretty mild and decent. Early on you'll see a mix of sun and clouds but later today after about 4pm we could start to see a little bit more organization. Looks like our best threat of strong to severe thunderstorms will be in the lower Panhandle, SE WA and NE OR later this afternoon. In these spots you could see up to quarter sized hail, gusty outflow winds (likely not as strong though). If you're planning things outdoors, especially south of Spokane, I'd do my best to wrap things up before 4:00 p.m.

Here's where we could see strong to severe storms:

3. My tree made it through yesterday's storm, but with more storms on the way I'm wondering if I could see more damage.

Good news! Wind will likely not be so much a factor for us today. Yesterday peak wind reports (which are still coming in) were upwards of 60-70mph gusts! Thankfully the winds will calm down today. My main area of concern is going to be Walla Walla and Columbia counties. HRRR models suggest we could see winds 30-40mph out around 9pm (as far as this model would go out at 10am. Obviously we could see stronger winds from storms--but this won't be nearly the wind event we saw yesterday.
Still picking up damage from yesterday's storms? Let us know! Share your pics with pics@krem.com.

4. Hahah... they said "haboob" on air.

Yes, it's a funny word. And it's a bit of a funny phenomenon. We saw the huge dust storm, confirmed by the NWS to be a "haboob" roll through Ritzville yesterday. Likely it'll be a little while before we see another one. Often these dust clouds are found in arid parts of the U.S., but they're not completely uncommon here in the INW. According to the NWS, we can usually see an occurrence once every other year or so. We've seen five within the past ten years.

(Courtesy: Bob, Lake Roosevelt)

 5. 5 is a bonus... a little "snack" as KREM Jen likes to call it for those still reading.

Did you know we've ALREADY passed our "normal" amount of 90's in Spokane for the year!? On average Spokane will top off in the 90s, eighteen different times. Guess what? We're at 25 days, 26 of 90s or above (if you count that 100° day we had back in July). The record for most days in the 90s or above is 39 (set back in 1958). Could we beat that? We'll see! At this point the the extended forecast shows a bit more mild temperatures in the 80s.