Your Comcast router could be public Wi-Fi hotspot



Posted on June 13, 2014 at 7:15 AM

Updated Sunday, Jun 15 at 10:27 AM

Adrian Young is upset with how his internet provider is behaving.

“I just feel Comcast should be communicating better with their customers,” said Young.

This started when Young noticed a new Wi-Fi network popping up on his home computer.

“Suddenly there's this service that says XFINITY Wi-Fi.  I'm thinking, well what is that?  It's got exactly the same signal strength as my router.  The first thing I do is I look out the window because I’m thinking maybe Comcast has put a hotspot on the power pole outside,” explained Young.

Instead it was coming from the Comcast router inside his hall closet.

“I'm paying for this and without any knowledge, they're offering my wireless internet connection to anybody who drives past my house,” said Young.

Comcast is rolling out a new service that will send a second signal from some home Wi-Fi networks.  It gives Comcast customers free internet access.  Others can pay a few bucks to log in.  Young's problem, he was never given a chance to turn the service down.

“This is actually an opt-out, not an opt-in.  So they'll actually send this command to your router to enable this public Wi-Fi hotspot in your house and hope you don't object to it. 

The other concern from computer experts is that the extra people connected to the network may slow down your internet speeds.  Comcast says that’s not the case.

“It does not impact your data, it does not impact your network in any way,” said Steve Kipp  of Comcast.

Kipp said the program is meant to give customers more access to Wi-Fi in a way that is secure and separate from your home network.

“It does not impact your network in any way.  If they're using it in some way that's illegal, let's say, let's say the worst case scenario it's an illegal scenario - that is impacting them.  It's traceable back to them using their IP address,” explained Kipp.

Kipp said the service will be available across the region in the next couple of months.   How will you know if you're part of it?   It's only for customers with the Comcast router called Arris Wireless Gateway, models TG862G  and TG852G.  If you don't want to participate - you can opt out through your routers settings.

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