Caught on cam: Couple uses baby to steal electronics


by Sherry Williams /

Posted on June 11, 2014 at 8:56 AM

LA GRANGE, Texas -- A couple is using a baby to help them steal thousands of dollars in electronics from Walmart stores across Southeast Texas, according to police.

They said the pair has been pulling the heists since May 9 and police are hoping the public can help find them.

Police in several cities said the couple goes into stores late at night to steal cell phones and tablets.

"From about one o'clock in the morning until about four when the employees are pretty scarce,” is when the pair hit, said Bryan Corb, Special Operations Administrator for the La Grange Police Department.

In surveillance video, you can see a man back into the electronics cabinet and quickly pry it open with a crowbar. He then cleans it out. All the while, a small child believed to be a one or two-year-old boy sits quietly in the basket.

The woman is off-camera acting as a look out. The pair then removes sensors off stolen items and hides the items in the baby's diaper bag. Also, the woman puts baby items in their cart.

Corb said the couple pays for those and uses them to help hide stolen items at the bottom of the cart. He said they walk out of the Walmart stores with clerks having no clue that a theft has occurred.

cThey are in and out of the store in about 30 minutes, Corb said.

Last week in La Grange, the couple stole 15 Samsung tablets and cell phones, Corb said. Similar heists took place at Walmart stores in Cleveland, Brenham, Victoria, Huntsville, The Woodlands, La Grange and Bryan-College Station.

"That's crazy. That's crazy,” said Walmart shopper Lucius Pierce.

Authorities are not sure if it's the couple's child.

“I don't care who baby it is, it's crazy for them to be doing that,” Pierce said. “Regardless of if it's their baby or whoever baby, whoever the parents is, they need to be locked up."

"They need to work and earn money,” said Walmart shopper Manuel Alvarenga. “That's my opinion."

Authorities believe the couple lives in the Houston area although no stores have been hit in the city.

Corb is asking anyone who knows anything to call the La Grange Police Department at 979-968-5806.