Instagram helps launch Spokane couple's clothing line



Posted on June 5, 2014 at 5:45 PM

Updated Thursday, Jun 5 at 6:39 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Instagram has helped launch a Spokane couple onto the national stage for a clothing line they launched from inside their home.

The business is called The Great PNW and it highlights living in the northwest.

Joel Barbour and his wife Tori raised enough money through an online kickstarter campaign to launch their own company.

“The design and the brand is really based off of, more than anything, getting people outdoors,” said Barbour.

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Barbour is a graphic designer. He takes drawing and makes them into digital designs. Then, they are sent to a local print shop in Spokane Valley.

So far, they have 60 designs and they have sold thousands of items online. Tori Barbour packages each order in their home.

The company’s success is thanks to their large presence on Instagram. They are approaching 18,000 followers. Compare that to Gonzaga University Athletics, who has around 800 followers. Even established northwest clothing brand, Eddie Bauer only has 6,000.

“Oh we’re doing something right if people are really digging it,” said Barbour.

All of the company’s followers talk about their favorite places using the hashtag UpperLeftUSA.  Ten of thousands of photos have been shared online using the hashtag.
“That’s exactly what we wanted to do, then it makes our little clothing company so much bigger,” said Barbour.