New app helps fire crews respond quickly to Mead dirt bike crash



Posted on May 26, 2014 at 11:46 AM

Updated Monday, May 26 at 5:24 PM

MEAD, Wash. -- Authorities responded to a dirt bike crash near the intersection of Holcomb and Randall Monday morning. Emergency crews were able to get to the scene quickly with the help of a new app.

Friends of the victim identified him as Mike Tillery, 69. They said he was on his way to meet up with some friends to go riding. During the trip, his bike slipped and he crash. They said Tillery was an experienced rider.

"He was riding along this road and his front end must have washed out and hit the dirt hard,” said Tillery’s friend, Steve Coryat.

Tillery was able to call his friends. He was airlifted to Sacred Heart Hospital.

The section of Randall Road where Tillery was injured was miles from the nearest fire station. However, volunteer firefighters and firefighters nearby were able to arrive on scene in just a matter of minutes.

 "I actually have a command rig that has medical gear in it and knew it was close by and responded,” said Captain Vince Speziale with Spokane Fire District 4.

Speziale lived right down the road from the incident. He said he was able to act quickly thanks to an app called “Active 911.” The app alerts nearby firefighters when someone calls for help. The app gives the location of an incident and shows where other people were responding from.

"That way if there are no volunteers in the area, you always have someone coming,” said Speziale.

Speziale said Fire District 4 started using the app in 2014.

"Makes a difference. You get people sooner there for medical. Most of our calls are medical,” said Speziale.

Tillery’s friends said he had a few broken ribs but was expected to be ok.

“My buddy is going to be alright and it feels good to know those guys are around living out here,” said Coryat.

A neighbor in the area of Randall Road where the dirt bike incident happened said that he could recall at least half a dozen other dirt bike incidents there in recent years.