Teacher creates 'Comma Dance' video hit


by Reggie Aqui, KGW Staff


Posted on May 6, 2014 at 7:44 AM

CLACKAMAS, Ore. -- If you read the words Conjunction Junction and automatically think, "What’s Your Function?" then you are likely a child of the 70s and 80s who grew up on the edutainment of Schoolhouse Rock.

In today’s classroom, it’s going to take a little more than a cartoon drawing of a bill sitting on “Capitol Hill” to get a kids attention.

Enter Lucas Dix. He’s a teacher at Rowe Middle School and also a student earning his master’s degree. He was trying to dream up a way to make a grammar lesson more exciting.

“I jokingly said to one my friends that I’m gonna write 'The Comma Dance,'” he said.

That joke turned into reality and now has thousands of views on YouTube. It helps that the North Clackamas District teacher has a background in hip hop and had all the equipment ready to go.

“So I brought my studio in here and we huddled around the microphone and they laid their parts down," Dix said.

The song takes the otherwise dry topic of punctuation and adds a sort of hip hop exclamation point.

"Every single time we need a pause in a sentence, do the Comma Dance, do the Comma Dance," the lyrics say.

Once they had the track finished, the kids and their teacher decided to make a Comma Dance music video.

“Some people were rappers, some people were dancers, everybody had something to do with the video," he said.

Mr. Dix promised his class if they could figure out how to spread the word on social media and garner five thousand views he’d throw them a pizza party.Within a  few days, they passed their goal.

Friday morning the video had more than 5,700 pageviews.

Click to see the Comma Dance