Bowe Bergdahl wristbands get celebrity attention


by Andrea Lutz

Posted on February 12, 2014 at 8:41 AM

Updated Wednesday, Feb 12 at 9:01 AM

BOISE – The fight continues to get prisoner of war and Idaho native sergeant Bowe Bergdahl back home.

Most Idahoans know about Bergdahl's capture at the hands of the Taliban forces in Afghanistan nearly five years ago. However, the coordinated effort to bring Bergdahl back home to Hailey, Idaho continues to cross over state lines.

Dwight Murphy, a veteran himself and a friend to the Bergdahl family, says the fight for awareness won’t stop until Bergdahl is safely in the arms of his loved ones.  

Major celebrities are even lending a hand, or a wrist, you might say.

Murphy is working to raise awareness by handing out black and yellow wristbands with Bergdahl’s name and date he went missing on them.

"I don’t know how many times I have pulled them off my wrist and given them to the person," said Murphy.

Now, it seems the bracelets are going viral among Hollywood stars. Murphy works security at Taco Bell Arena, and starting sharing Bergdahl’s story with the bands that come to town to play, bands like Imagine Dragons and the Zac Brown Band.

"I stuffed a whole bunch in my pocket when the band came in. I started handing them out to them saying, 'Hey do you know who Bowe Bergdahl is?'" said Murphy. "So the whole band of Zac Brown went on stage here in Boise that night all wearing Bowe Bergdahl."

On his Twitter page, Murphy has been posting pictures of various stars with the bracelets, celebrities like Paul McCartney, Trace Adkins even Boise’s own famous racing jockey Gary Stevens have posted photos of the bracelets.

"It took off from there. A lady named Annie Nelson down in California, she was at the Grammys and she gave Paul McCartney, she gave Pink, Queen Latifah, all those was given a bracelet and getting pictures," said Murphy.

While the mission is gaining more attention, the fight is far from over. A petition to the White House to rescue Bergdahl is struggling to meet its 100,000 signature goal by February 16.

“We are trying to keep his name alive, and that is what we are doing. We aren’t letting anyone forget who Bowe Bergdahl is.”

The wristbands are going fast, Murphy says if you would like one, click on his Facebook page and message him for one.

Here are some of the celebrities sporting the Bowe Bergdahl wristbands: