Date Grape controversy sparking national outrage



Posted on February 6, 2014 at 10:37 PM

Updated Thursday, Feb 6 at 10:40 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- The name of a drink at a new bar in Downtown Spokane is sparking national outrage.

The name of the drink on the Daiquiri Factory’s menu is “Date Grape Kool-Aid.” The business is open for its second weekend. In the last week, it has offended many people across the country, including the maker of Kool-Aid.

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Protesters stood outside the Daiquiri Factory on Saturday to express their outrage that a drink’s name could joke about rape.

On Facebook, the bar promoted its drink specials and it still lists the controversial drink as an option for Thursday night.

“No matter how you intend something, you can intend something most innocently and still hurt someone’s feelings,” said Boycott Group Organizer, Scott Kusel.

WATCH: Protestors outraged by 'Date Grape' drink at Downtown bar

Kusel said he is personally offended by the drink’s name. He created a page on Facebook calling to boycott the business. He said people think of rape when they hear the name no matter what the owner may claim.

“When you’re talking about offending thousands of potential customers in a business sense, that seems suicidal,” said Kusel.

The owner posted on the bar’s Facebook page saying the term had a different meaning that does not have anything to do with rape but opponents do not buy it.

“Their explanation comes so far after the fact to almost be comical,” said Kusel.

Kraft Foods, the maker of Kool-Aid, released a statement that said they do not support the name of this drink.

“We here at Kraft are appalled. Kool-Aid does not support or condone this drink and finds its name to be highly insensitive to a serious issue,” Kraft said in a statement.

KREM 2 tried to reach out to the bar Thursday and were told the business has no comment.

The creator of the Facebook boycott campaign said he only wants the drink’s name to be changed and he is not asking for the bar to close.