Wilson on girl who made wallet: 'She’ll forever be in my heart'




Posted on October 4, 2013 at 12:41 PM

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson says the young heart patient at Seattle Children’s hospital who made him a Seahawks wallet out of duct tape has made a special connection with him.

Allison Christensen, 11, made the blue and green wallet for Wilson, who visits the hospital every Tuesday, and presented it to him last week. The next day, she received a heart transplant.

The story of the wallet got a lot of attention when Wilson showed it off at last week’s press conference.

Since then, Wilson returned to the hospital and visited with Christensen and her family again, tweeting this photo.

On Thursday, Wilson was asked about the experience.

“The smile on her face was just off the charts. She’s such a sweet girl. Being around her is something really special,” said Wilson.

Wilson said football means a lot to him, but stories like Christensen’s puts things in perspective.

“There’s nothing more special than a life, especially when you’re only 11 years old and so when you think about that and you share those moments, you can make a connection with a young girl like that,” said Wilson. “She’ll forever be in my heart. I’ll always care about her, just like all the other patients I see, too, as well. She’s a really special girl.

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