'He should’ve been locked up': Grieving mother reacts to murder arrest




Posted on July 5, 2013 at 10:23 AM

Kris Evans can’t help but think what might have been when she looks at the picture of her 3-year-old grandson, Caden, and his mother.

“He looks just like she did at 3,” Evans said. “They have the same smile, the same eyes.”

Caden’s mom, 20-year-old Felipa Evans-Lopez, was found murdered in the Lake Stevens rental home she shared with her boyfriend last month. She had been tied up with electrical cords and stabbed two dozen times.

“I wanted to know what happened. That’s just who I am, but it was a lot worse than I imagined,” said Evans.

Police say DNA evidence found on those cords connects Anthony Garver to the killing. They claim he was seen on surveillance video with the victim a few days before the murder at an Everett McDonald’s. Police say he had a bloody knife in his possession when he was arrested Tuesday.

Evans thinks her daughter befriended a man who portrayed himself as down on his luck and hungry. She believes her daughter likely bought Garver food and offered him a place to sleep.

“She was that way,” said Evans. “I just don't think she knew how bad people could be.”

At a bail hearing Wednesday, Garver was combative, confused and even denied that he was Anthony Garver.

Court documents indicate Garver served three years in prison for threatening to blow up a government building in Spokane. At one point, he was involuntarily committed to a mental institution and he claims ties to domestic terror groups. In 2008, federal prosecutors tried to get Garver locked up for as long as possible because they feared he was a serious threat to public safety.

“I just believe he should've been locked up longer than he was,” said Evans. “My daughter would still be alive. I just don't know what I'm gonna tell Caden about his mother when he's older. I just don't know.”