Pink Poodle closes, leaving client without payment



Posted on July 16, 2013 at 4:04 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jul 16 at 11:29 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- A Spokane business that helps pet owners sell their animals abruptly closed their doors. One Spokane woman said she was never notified by the company that her dogs were sold and she never received any money from the sale.

Mona Berland had put her four baby Chihuahuas in the hands of the Pink Poodle but feared the worst when she found out the company went out of business.

“I’m very picky with my babies,” Berland said, “but everything seemed clean. Everything seemed like it was going good.”

And she said things did seem like they were going well, at least at first.

“I called constantly checking on the babies see how things are going, see if there were any problems,” Berland continued. “And then about three weeks ago, there was just no answer. I kept calling.”

Berland said her calls were never answered. She asked her niece to check out The Pink Poodle since Berland lived two hours away from the company. Her niece found out the shop was closed.

“No word or call from their team to tell me to come get my babies or anything,” Berland said. “Just gone.”

She added that she was terrified that the dogs had been abandoned or worse, that they had died.

KREM 2 News tracked down the former owners of the Pink Poodle and they said that no animals were left in the store at the time of closing and that all puppies they had were sold.

Pink Poodle owners later released this statement:

“After almost 60 years in business the Pink Poodle Pets & Grooming closed our doors on June 29th. We want to assure everyone that no animals were left in the store @ the time of our closing, in fact there were no animals left in the store 1 week prior to our closing. All puppies we had were sold to their furever (sic) homes. As an animal lover & activist this was our first priority.

“We bought the already struggling business in July of 2011, & after fighting for two years to keep it running in our current economy we finally had to throw in the towel & file chapter 13 bankruptcy.

"The Pink Poodle has been my husband & I’s (sic) passion. We are deeply saddened over this loss. It has been such a huge part of Spokane for so long, & will be greatly missed.”

Berland said that she was never notified about the sale and never received payment. The Pink Poodle owner confirmed that on Tuesday but added later that it is not their policy to notify clients when there is a sale. They said the client just receives a check in the mail. No clients were notified when the Pink Poodle closed according to the owners.

The Better Business Bureau said the company had received a D-rating before they closed their doors. They also said that the Pink Poodle had received three complaints in the past few years.

“The BBB recommends you file a complaint with the attorney general’s office so it’s on file and on record,” said Chelsea McGuire of the Better Business Bureau.

The owners of the Pink Poodle when they closed down had taken over the company in 2011. Mona Berland will not receive payment for the sales until the bankruptcy plays out in court.