2 On Your Side: Spokane drivers rack up $73K in parking tickets




Posted on October 25, 2012 at 4:15 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 12 at 1:11 PM

SPOKANE-- Some Spokane drivers have racked up thousands of dollars in unpaid parking tickets.

KREM 2's Ashley Korslien found out who Spokane’s top offenders are, and if anything can be done to get that money back.

The most common parking tickets in Spokane are basic overtime violations which cost $15, but many people have accumulated well over $1,000 in fines.
The top 10 people owe a combined total of $73,000 in fines. No one in the top ten wanted to talk on camera.

Violators 6 through 10 owe a combined total of $31,000 with a total of nearly 800 tickets.

The top five parking offenders combined have skipped out on 1,092 tickets totaling $42,000.

Registered Owner Amount of Tickets Unpaid Money
Matthew R. Hardie 298 $10,670
Shawn D. Carman 275 $9,745
David R. Stark 169 $7,375
Ian Wingate 181 $7,175
Sara Heller 169 $6,915
Bruce P Reed, Jr. 172 $6,887.50
Thomas C. Verhaag 140 $6,125
Bradley Clyde Vigil 169 $6,065
Kary L. Hiatt 168 $5,978.61
Carol L. Smith 139 $5,900

The people listed above are registered owners of the vehicles, which isn't always the same person who committed the parking infraction.

Two people told us it was their children who accumulated all of the tickets.

Another woman said a friend was house sitting for her and used her car; apparently enough to rack up five thousand dollars in fines.
So what happens if you don't pay?

Each year the city sends half of a million dollars in unpaid tickets to collections. About half of that gets paid off.

The state can refuse to renew your license plates if you don’t pay off your parking tickets.

The revenue from parking tickets is put into the city's general fund for departments like police, fire and parks.