$10,000 Spokane snow investment remains unused




Posted on February 10, 2014 at 6:58 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 11 at 6:04 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--The City of Spokane has brought back a snow boot in 2014, but the pricey equipment has yet to be tested due to a lack of snow.

The boot helps snow berms from piling up on your driveway. The City purchased one as part of a pilot project in October, but it had not been used yet in February.

City officials said there has not been enough snow in Spokane to test the boot out. They said it works but it sits in the City’s maintenance yard.

The Monday snowfall was considered a stage one on the City’s snow plan. It takes a stage two, or six inches of snow with more on the way, to kick the boot into gear.

"We want to see at what speed we can use it at and how efficiently we can clear roads,” said the Communications Director for the City of Spokane, Brian Coddington.

City leaders bought the boot with the money from the Street Department budget. The boot cost Spokane $10,000.
The gate of the boot drops down and clears snow out of the way.

"It would be really helpful. If they could do that I'd really appreciate it,” said Spokane resident Jim Fiorito.

Some crews said the boot would slow them down, although the boot clears more snow through intersections.

"We have 2000 miles of streets that we have to plow, so if you're slowed down it's going to take an extra day,” said maintenance operator rod Mann.

The boot would be tested during an all city plow through streets and neighborhoods. The last time there was an all city plow was in January of 2013.

City leaders said there is a strong possibility the boot will not be tested during the 2013-2014.