10 Reasons People Fail at Couponing

10 Reasons People Fail at Couponing

10 Reasons People Fail at Couponing


by MoneySavingQueen.com


Posted on August 21, 2012 at 5:01 AM

Updated Tuesday, Aug 21 at 5:01 AM

Let me guess, you've cut those coupons out a million times but they just never find their way to the store? Or maybe you plan your trip around sales but then run out of time at the end of the week and just run in and get whatever you can? Or how about you take your 20 kids with you to the store and end up with a buggy full of miscellaneous fruit snacks and Oreo cookies which blow your budget completely out of the water? Yeah, I hear you.

The reality is, those things do happen. That's why I like to teach workshops, I like showing people what reality couponing actually is and let people know that just because life happens does not mean you have to throw in the towel.

{10 Reasons Why People Fail at Couponing}

1. The Misconception: Many times (especially if you've seen Extreme Couponing) people have this idea of couponing that is not real. They assume it takes 40 hours a week to cut coupons and they'll have to jump in dumpsters just to find them. They also assume if they find a good deal on Beneful Dog Food, they'll have to purchase at least 1000 bags and stockpile it inside their homes...even though, they have no dog. The misconception alone keeps people from even starting.

2. Coupon Location Miscommunication: Many people have no idea where to look for coupons which can stop your smart shopping strategy dead in its tracks. If you're only using the newspaper to coupon, you are likely missing out on amazing deals. One of the biggest tips I have is to visit the manufacturer website directly and sign up for e-mail newsletters and print coupons. Aside from that, you can also print online via Coupons.com, SmartSource.com, Redplum.com and Target.com.

3. Sir Shop A Lot: Serious strategic couponing would say you need to shop at as many stores as possible to score the best deals. This is not true however, if you live outside the city (like I do) then you'll likely spend your savings in gas money while trying to save .50 on shaving cream. See the dilemma? Because of this, many people will just decide not to coupon all together because they assume that since they cannot hit 20 stores a week (slight exaggeration to prove a point) then they cannot save money.

What I actually do is check out our Coupon Matchups each week. I then find the best store to shop at and I make the most at that particular store. This gets you to the location that has the best deals as a whole rather than just one deal here and there.

4. False Start:  Many people cut their coupons out on Sunday then hit the store Monday expecting to score a major deal. Yeah, it won't happen. This is because every item you purchase is on a sales cycle (as in, it goes on sale every 6-8 weeks). By tracking your items each week, you can determine when your item will be at its lowest price. And then, my friends, THAT is when you use your coupon. Strategic shopping is all about timing and strategy. Waiting until your item reaches its lowest price then applying the coupon will land you double the savings!

5. It Just Ain't Enough:  I get this all the time 'the saving just aren't worth the time.' This means, they're only seeing the .25 off coupons and simply assume the savings are not worth the time spent locating, cutting and planning a coupon trip. Well, there is some truth in that. I think if you don't know where to locate high value coupons or if you are unaware of the sales cycle then the savings can certainly look small. However, I save at least $100 a week by shopping from my stockpile, around coupons and current sales. This does not necessarily mean I have a coupon for everything, this just means that I shop around the sales and the deals I've bought previously. That is BIG savings in my book!

6. Couponing is not for Kool Kats: Yep, there are folks who really think saving money is just not cool. Well, here's what I think is NOT cool...being in debt up to my eyeballs, not being able to feed my family or skipping out on a family vacation because I don't have a dime to spare. That's not cool. And, honestly, I think I'm ok with not being cool, I was never really cool to begin with anyway.

7. The TMZ Issue: People want privacy. That's a big issue especially when we talk about social media coupons. Many, many times I hear the complaints from folks who do not want to share their information just to print a coupon. Most people have a fear that by sharing their information, the company will go TMZ on them and share their name, address or phone number with the entire world. The problem? Well, that does actually happen.

My advice is to set up an e-mail address specifically for your couponing and also, set up a facebook account for couponing as well. All you need to do for a facebook account is have an unique e-mail address, simply use your coupon address to set up an account like Sarah's Coupons then you can sign up for coupons without ever giving out your personal information.

8. The Disappearing Act: Coupon disorganization can really damper your money saving. Personally, I prefer to organize my coupons in a binder, which we have on our Store page. You can also organize them in file folders or filing cabinets if you have quite a few. I would not recommend the small purse size organizers because your coupons can easily get lost in those. Whatever you do, do something that works for you specifically so you don't forget your coupons or lose them.

9. I Eat Healthy Therefore, I Cannot Coupon: This happens when you assume all coupons are for Pop Tarts and Hamburger Helper. Guess what? Couponers are healthy people too! I buy a lot of organic products and fresh produce every single week. In fact, I wrote an eBook called Buying Organic on a Budget. Not only are there coupons for organic products but sales too which means the same strategy applied to conventional couponing can be applied to organic couponing.

10. You Just Don't Wanna: Let's be honest, sometimes you know you should do something but you just don't. No reason for excuses. Literally, every single day someone tells me another reason why they don't coupon, one day I'm just going to reply with "Really, just tell it like it is, you don't want to coupon." And guess what? That's normal too.

I do say this is one of those situations though where you can't complain about the government if you didn't actually vote or in this case, you can't complain about having no money if you're not willing to do what you need to do to save money.

If you don't want to coupon, simply plan your shopping trips around the sales flyers. That's it. You don't have to get fancy or spend a lot of time on it, you'll save nearly 50% by planning around what is on sale this week. BAM! Instant savings with no clipping.

There you have it. I'm thinking next week I might share 10 Reasons Why People Succeed at Couponing, sound good? Be on the look out for that one....

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