Spokane man to take honor flight with Marine Corp son


by Laura Papetti & KREM.com


Posted on May 24, 2012 at 6:32 PM

SPOKANE VALLEY-- His doctor says don't go, but a world war ii veteran is planning on make the trip to Washington DC on an upcoming honor flight.

The 89-year old veteran says he needs to see that memorial, and he's taking someone very special with him to make sure it happens.

Al Bevacqua joined the military when he was 17; sneaking into the Army Air Corp.

His love for planes propelled him into the service and overseas during World War II.

After three years in Africa and Europe, Bevacqua came home and raised his two daughters as a single dad. He worked both in the private sector and joined the air force.
Service to country and family gave Bevacqua the life he wanted.

Now at 89 years old--he has one thing left on his 'to-do' list; to see the World War II memorial.
Bevacqua is scheduled to leave on the next honor flight in June, but his doctor said it's not a good idea.
Bevacqua said “my doctor says he's not going to give me a note that says I can go...but the last thing I do is going to see that memorial."

When he does travel, it will be with his grandson, currently stationed in California serving in the Marine Corp.

The family all agreed that al Bevacqua should go on the trip.  And while he'll see the memorial built to honor him, Bevacqua believes it's his country he needs to honor.

When father and grandson travel back east the trip will be very quick, a long flight followed by a short visit to the memorials.  But for Bevacqua it caps off a life of sacrifice and service.