Back to School Week: Teachers

KREM 2 kicked off back to school week by celebrating teachers.

Summer institute: Back to School Week (9-11-17)

Teachers are students, too.

Teachers help to craft the minds of students and introduce them to the world of learning.

Teachers also take on the student roll themselves.

Teachers in the Spokane Public School District are required to have a certain number of continuing education hours each year.

The Spokane Public School District said this past summer more than 1,000 teachers took part in the Summer Institute at Shadle High School.

Teachers can also take classes every few weeks during the school year on early release days.

Spokane Public Schools director of communication, Kevin Morrison said the teachers take classes on a large range of topics.

“We offered hundreds of classes in a variety of different subjects and fields. For instance, there was an Office 365, we have a new beginning math curriculum for elementary school teachers called Bridges, so there were classes in that to help them get up to speed on the actual curriculum. Journeys is our language arts program, and what they're going to do is share ideas and look at strategies to help challenge the students and the strugglers with each other in those classes, and as we sit here today at Rogers High School before school starts,” said Morrison.

Morrison said when they collaborate with others within other departments or grade levels. It helps them come up with strategies for the curriculum or work through any problems in the classroom.

STEM Program: Back to School week (9-11-17)

Students participate in STEM programs

School is back in session and kids not only hit the books, but fired up their tablets and computers using technology that didn't exist five or ten years ago.

Here's a refresher on two words you might hear from your children and their teachers this year: STEM and STEAM.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

STEM is an initiative to ready students for high-tech fields, particularly in light of the global economy.

STEM led to STEAM, that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. STEAM recognizes the importance of the arts in learning. 

Teacher recruiting: Back to School Week (9-11-17)

Teacher Recruiting

Spokane boasts some high performing schools in the district that rank high across the state.


Officials with the district said part of that can be credited to the teachers.

Spokane Public Schools director of communication, Kevin Morrison, said they work hard to recruit great teachers, and work hard to keep them.

“It's a very competitive world out there for educators now. There are certain fields that are a little more competitive within the teaching world, obviously special education is one that we're seeing, as well as math and sciences, any of the STEM, it's very aggressive recruiting going on, and we don't want to hire just anybody, we really do want the best,” said Morrison.

District leaders said the teacher mentorship program, along with competitive salaries and benefits help to draw teachers to Spokane.


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