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TOM SHERRY: Some of my BBQ recipes

by Tom Sherry

Posted on October 19, 2009 at 1:12 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm going to use by blog space to pass along some of the bbq recipes I've done on the air during our Thursday evening newscasts. My grilling season did not get off to a great start as the first couple of Thursdays were cool and rainy. One thursday afternoon I had everything ready to go and thunderstorms popped up on the radar so I had to race in from the backyard and get on the air. Thankfully my photographer Al that day took over my grilling duties and cooked a meal that fed over 20 people.

We definitely are not dealing with cool showery weather now. As I write this blog we are headed for temperatures approaching 100 degrees. So here are some of my latest grilling creations. By the way if you have a good recipe I'd love to see it and maybe use it. Keep in mind that i have to get my forecasting duties done as well as get the meal prepared so i like easy to prepare meals. Here's to getting outside and enjoying friends, sunshine and fresh air.

Spice rubbed Salmon with grilled cabbage salad

For the salmon rub with olive oil then season with Tom's Original BBQ Rub.

Coat grill with oil and grill salmon on medium turning once. Salmon is done when it starts to flake.

Cut cabbage into 6 wedges and coat with olive oil

Grill about 6 to 8 minutes.

Cut cabbage coarsely into strips and combine with carrots also cut into thin wide strips.

Add about 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil and toss.

Season to taste with salt and pepper.


Beer Butt Chicken

Coat whole chicken with olive oil and flavor with spices (Tom's Original BBQ Rub)

Pour out about a 1/3 of a can of beer. If you like put some onion slices in the can.

Insert the can in the cavity of the chicken and place in a roasting pan on the grill,

Cook on high for about 2 hours using indirect heat. Make sure to close the bbq lid.

Use a food thermometer to make sure chicken is cooked thoroughly or that chicken juice runs clear when poked.

You'll need oven mitts to remove the can and the very hot liquid from the bird when done. Be very careful not to get burned.

(There is some discussion of the paint from the beer can being transferred to the chicken. So you can use an empty soup can if you're concerned.

Just pour the beer and onions in the can).


Grilled Pork Ribs

Ribs are one of the best things to grill and also one the easiest to mess up. Here are some of my suggestions,

Cover the ribs liberally with a bbq rub. I like my Tom's Original BBQ Rub available at the Trading Company Stores (Remember the profits go to the Northwest Autism Center).
It helps if you spray the ribs first with "Pam" or some kind of vegetable spray first. Let the ribs sit for about an hour or more. This lets the rub form its own marinade.
Grill indirectly, meaning not over direct heat. I use a gas grill where I turn on one side of the grill on high and close the lid. Usually takes 90 minutes to 2 hours. The key to good ribs is low and slow (remember close the lid).

Also, put the meat side down and the fat side up. This lets the fat ooze into the ribs during the slow cooking process. You can flip them when you have abour 30 minutes to go.

Serve bbq sauce on the side. Don't baste the ribs. You'll find that many people like them just with the seasoning. And they're not as messy that way.


Don't forget I still want to broadcast from your town and highlight your towns special community days or fair. I do the broadcast on Friday evenings during the summer and it can't be more than 2 hours from Spokane (I have to get back in time for the 10 and 11pm newscasts). You can e-mail me at