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RANDY SHAW : Viewers Opinionated on Valley View Fire

by mboyle

Posted on October 19, 2009 at 1:12 PM

Several KREM-2 news viewers have written about their frustration and concerns over how the Spokane Valley Fire Department released information about who may have started the devastating Valley View Fire.

And they've displayed their displeasure about pinning the fire on a juvenile who was under adult supervision when a fire was ignited inside the trunk of an old tree as a fire pit.

The first Valley Fire release named "Homeowner Tracy Berg..." as supervising a recreational fire in a lot adjacent to her home and "did not properly extinguish the fire when they were finished."

The next day, July 16th, Valley Fire released another release stating flatly "Tracy Berg not responsible for the Valley View Fire" and stated after "additional investigation" a juvenile was the culprit.

Valley Fire does say Berg was there when the fire was lit and gave permission for the fire to be lit.

Many viewers find all this incredible.

Debra Bateman wrote:

I am a little upset about the turn of events on who is responsible for starting this fire. I understand that is was an accident but come on who is the adult?

I am sorry she gave the juvenile permission and lit the fire in her presence so why would she be left off the hook. She really should be responsible for the juvenile she is the adult. and something like a fire no child should be around one without adult supervision. And we wonder why our children don't see the right in taking responsibility for their actions when the adults can not. This is what some parents are teaching the children.

What do you think about all this? Was the Valley Fire Department too quick to name someone responsible and made a mistake? Or does the person the department originally name bear any responsibility in the case?

At this hour, the Valley Fire Department is pointing to The Department of Natural Resources (DNR), as the agency who did some of the investigation. And tonight DNR says it won't answer any questiions until at least next Monday.

Hope to hear from you and DNR soon.