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NBA Draft Preview: Kyle Weaver

by tlewis

Posted on October 19, 2009 at 1:01 PM

The NBA Draft is tomorrow and Washington State's Kyle Weaver is the only local player expected to be picked. Derrick Low has worked out with some squads, but probably won't be drafted (he'll still probably get a shot at camp with an NBA team).

I've scoured the internet for mock drafts to find out when the "experts" think Weaver will go. It's clear that everyone thinks he'll be a second round selection.

Here's a sampling of what I found: -- #40 to the New Jersey Nets -- #39 to the Chicago Bulls -- #42 to the Sacramento Kings -- #37 to the Milwaukee Bucks -- #46 to the Seattle SuperSonics

It sounds like Weaver (and Low) last worked out for the Sonics on Monday. The Seattle Times article I found says Seattle (with four second round picks) could take Weaver with the 32nd overall pick, because "he can play both guard positions and is considered a premium defender."

The Salt Lake Tribune believes the Jazz could take Weaver with one of their two second round picks. The paper also cites Weaver's versatility saying it's "a marketable quality in today's NBA."

I haven't had a chance to talk to Kyle lately (I tried to set up an interview with him today, but he was on the road), but I could only imagine that he'd like to go to Milwaukee. Weaver is from Beloit, Wisconsin (just 75 miles apart).

Obviously, no one really knows...we'll find out tomorrow.

I'm still looking around for more info...I'll try to update this later with what I find (I apologize if I don't get to it...I wasn't expecting to work today but I am).

UPDATE 9:35pm: I found some more information on Weaver.

On the New Jersey Nets website they have a full scouting report of everyone who worked out with the team (Weaver worked out on June 7th). Their "experts" (notice the quotations, because who knows who these experts are) think Kyle is a late second round pick or he'll go undrafted (hmmm...not so sure about that). The report includes a quote from the Nets Director of Scouting Gregg Polinsky:

"Kyle played in a great program at Washington State. He knows how to defend and how to play with the other guys on the court. I think he's a second round pick for somebody."

There is also a quote from Kyle on how he thinks he fits in with the Nets:

"I can come in just a little bit to relieve the guards at the one or two. Being able to come in and guard the one and two."

I also checked out Weaver's profile on They compare Kyle to Seattle's Mickael Gelabale and New York's Mardy Collins (not very flattering, but maybe realistic). Gelabale and Collins combined for 85 games (Gelabale 39/Collins 46) and both averaged around twelve minutes (Gelabale 12/Collins 13.8) and four points a game (Gelabale 4.3/Collins 3.2) last year.

Again, who knows???

I'll have much more tomorrow after Weaver is picked (or not...stupid Nets), so stay tuned!