If you remember only one thing from Mondays's weather post, let it be this: Keep that umbrella HANDY! And the rain-boots, too.

After a nice and dry finish to the weekend, the last week of the 2016-17 winter season is going to be a wet one.

Starting Monday, expect above normal temperatures and quite a bit of rain through Wednesday.

Heavy rainfall expected through the afternoon on Monday. 

The next 48 hours will bring 0.25"-0.50" of rain to Eastern Washington and North Idaho. Snow levels will be around 4,000-5,000 feet Monday.

Flooding concerns return through mid-week. Highs will be mild in the 50s and heavy snowmelt is expected. Rivers will be flowing high and fast.

For anyone keeping track:

March rainfall total, so far, in Spokane: 1.15"
Average rain by this day in March: 0.63"

Rain will continue throughout the week across the Inland Northwest. 

As of March 13th, this month is already wetter than normal.

Forecast rain this week, Monday-Friday: 1"-3"
Average for entire month of March: 1.61"

It will only take a little less than half an inch this week for Spokane to surpass its ENTIRE March monthly rainfall average.

(Spokane's February 2017 finished with 4.39" of rain total, 3 inches more than normal.)

Silver lining: You can put your snow boots on the shelf and pack up the snow shovel.
No new snow accumulations expected, below 4,000 feet, for the next 7 days.