SPOKANE, Wash. -- Beginning Thursday, a cold front will slowly make its way through Eastern Washington and Idaho, bringing cooler temperatures and rainy weather.

Spokane could see about 0.5"-1.00" of precipitation. The eastern slopes of the Cascades will see 2.0-4.0" of new rain. Between 1.0-3.0" of rain are forecasted in the higher elevations of the northeast Washington and North Idaho mountains.

On Thursday, all day rain is expected in Spokane and throughout Northeast Washington, continuing all the way through Northern Idaho. Those conditions are expected to linger through the weekend. Friday will also bring a change in temperatures, with forecasted high's in the upper 40s to lower 50s. Sunny skies are not expected to return until the start of next week, likely around Tuesday.

Winds will be sustained at 15-20 miles per hour out of the southwest with gusts up to 30 miles per hour. The forecast is expected to be calmer than Tuesday, but still breezy!

Between 4 and 6 inches of new rain are expected for the North Cascades. Rain will continue throughout Wednesday into Wednesday night, which will cause rivers to rise. A flood watch remains in effect until Thursday.