SPOKANE, Wash. -- It has been a busy week! Many of you have experienced temperatures that are more common in winter than in spring.

Feat not! The warmer weather is making a comeback to the Inland Northwest.

Three Day Snapshot: The main theme for the next three days is a warming trend!

Day 1: Thursday

Cloudy weather persists Thursday morning. The good news is that clouds will clear out by the afternoon and any shower activity will be very isolated. There will be mild-high temperatures in the mid-60s.

Day 2: Friday

Smooth sailing! Temperatures will warm up into the upper 60s with plenty of sunshine.

Day 3: Saturday

Return of the 70s! A few showers and thunderstorms are possible Saturday. The StormTracker 2 Team will continue to track the timing of possible showers and storms as the weekend approaches.

With this week's active weather, many of you have asked "Has May been wetter than normal?"

The shower answer is yes, but not by much.

This month, Spokane has received 1.01" of rain (not including Wednesday, since the day is not over yet.) This is 0.26" more than normal by May 16, historically.

This year, Spokane has received 12.96" of rain so far. This is 6.20" more than normal by May 16, historically.

May itself has not actually been much wetter than normal. However, with so much extra rain in February, March and April, 2017 will go on the books as a very wet one!