SPOKANE, Wash. --- The Inland Northwest saw plenty of snow over the last week or so. City crews have been out plowing the roads around the clock.

However, many residents called KREM 2 saying the snow plows created more problem by pushing snow back onto sidewalks they had just shoveled.

Colleen Peterson, says it has happened at her house and at the home of her 95-year-old friend who lives in the Garland District.

“Having the snow plows pile the debris, the snow debris on the sidewalks that we have already shoveled and cleared off, you know you have already done it once and you are thinking how many times do we have to do this?” Peterson explained.

Brian Coddington, the City of Spokane spokesperson, headed out to Peterson’s home with KREM 2 to hear her complaints and offer some suggestions.

“Crews are out working 24 hours a day right now,” Coddington said. “There are about 50 pieces of equipment out around the city right now. Gradually we'll get GPS on all those pieces of equipment with the goal to be able to provide some real time information with where those plows are at, so you can take a look and know and plan ahead a little bit.”

City officials said they do understand Peterson’s frustration and are constantly working to update snow plans.

“Some would feel that we need to go slower,” Coddington said. “We need to take more time, so we don't push as much snow up there. Others want streets cleared right away, so there's a bit of a balance that goes on and the city crews do the best they can to balance those.”

Coddington said he planned to take Peterson’s feedback to the City of Spokane Street Department.

“It’s something we wrestle with all over the city and you are not the only one out here trying to do the right thing,” he said.