BBQ Ribs

  • Use beef or pork ribs
  • Heat Grill to a low temperature, (around 225 degrees) slow cooking is best
  • Coat both side ribs with your favorite seasoning or rub
  • Wrap ribs tightly in foil
  • Cook ribs on indirect heat
  • Plan on cooking for at least 90 minutes
  • Add smoke chips to the grill for extra flavor (optional)
  • You may add your favorite BBQ sauce for an additional 15 minutes to caramelize sauce. Tom prefers to just dry rub and serve the sauce on the side.

Some folks like to remove from foil when almost done and finish on the grill over medium heat. Each slab, whether they're baby-back or country-style, usually has 13 to 14 individual ribs on it, so go ahead and prepare 4 slabs if you're serving 10 people.

Perfect summer meal with deli salads, corn on the cob, watermelon. Serve with your family favorites.