Pull out the Hawaiian shirts and flip-flops, it's going to get warm around here!

OK, maybe not THAT warm. But, warm enough to near or break records around Thanksgiving.

This year, Thanksgiving falls on November 23. The forecast high is 58 degrees.

This would break the previous high temperature record on Thanksgiving, set back in 2014 at 55 degrees. (It's a tied-record shared with a high of 55 degrees on the Thanksgiving of 1998 and 1883).

Many Inland NW cities are forecast to max out in the upper 50s-low 60s Thursday.

Historically, Thanksgivings that fall earlier in the month are typically warmer than Thanksgiving holidays that fall later in the month on the calendar.

However, upper 50s and 60s is still well above average for November 23!

It will be very wet over the next couple of days. Rain is expected to continue through at least Thursday evening.