Just a few days ago people were wearing shorts and short sleeves, and now it's time to bring out the sweaters.

Rain and cold temperature swept across the Inland Northwest. And it snowed at higher elevations. Last week temperatures were in the 80’s and 90’s in some parts of the Inland Northwest, and this week they are in the 50’s. The weather changed quickly which KREM 2 Meteorologist Briana Bermensolo said is unusual for this time of year.

"We saw that huge drop in temperatures from last week to this week by 30 degrees. A 30 degree temperature slide that is not normal,” said Bermensolo.

She said usually, this time of year we see a slow transition from summer to fall.

"Normally, we would get down into the 70's slowly, and then the 60's in October," said Bermensolo. "That question of what's going on can be applied to the entire year of 2017 so far. We had a harsher than normal winter, We had a wetter than normal spring, a hotter and dryer than normal summer, record breaking in fact."

While the chilly, wet September weather broke away from the norm we could be back on track soon. Bermensolo said she tracked a warm up over the weekend and into next week. But she the days of 80 and 90 degree days are probably behind us.