SPOKANE, Wash. — There may be two opportunities for seeing the northern lights in the Inland Northwest Tuesday and Wednesday!

According to the website, "Aurora Borealis" is a light show caused by collisions between electrically charged particles and the Earth’s atmosphere. When the particles enter the earth’s atmosphere, they collide with gases like oxygen and nitrogen to create what we know as the northern lights.

National Weather Service Spokane tweeted about the potential for the sight, saying it could be visible in the Inland Northwest this week.

The reason we might see the lights in our area is because there is a moderate geomagnetic storm watch in effect this week.

NWS officials said the aurora will not be visible during daylight hours and would potentially be visible from the ground as early as an hour before sunset. This is beneficial for viewing the aurora because the sunsets are getting earlier during this time of year as we approach winter.

The potential for seeing the northern lights is even greater this week because the KREM 2 weather team is tracking clear skies Tuesday night!

For a full outlook of when aurora may be visible in the area, check out the Space Weather Prediction Center website.

If you snap and photos of this special event, share them with KREM! You can send photos to pics@krem.com or share them with us on social media.